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Liu Changnian, Ph.D., is a Director of the Incyte Corporation, DuPont Pharmaceuticals Company, USA. Doctor Liu Changnian graduated from Tianjin Medical University in 1978 and became a doctor of Tianjin Medical University Cancer and Hospital in the Department of Chemotherapy and Immunotherapy. In 1980, he was accepted as a postgraduate of the Department of Urology in the 2nd Hospital of Tianjin Medical University. He carried out his further study in the Northwestern University of USA in 1985, majoring in Tumor Immunology. In 1987, he entered the University of Nebraska Medical Center, studying for the doctor degree of Cancer Biology. After graduation, he continued his post-doctoral study in the Department of Hematology Oncology in the University of Kansas Medical Center from 1991 to 1993. He was appointed as the Senior Research Scientist in the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute of Harvard Medical School and OSI Pharmaceutics, Inc., from 1993 to 1997. During the time from 1997 to 2000, he held the position of Director, Associate Professor, and Post-doctoral Supervisor in the Cancer Experimental Therapeutics Laboratory, Department of Cell Biology and Anatomy, University of Nebraska Medical Center. Since the year of 2000, he has been working as the Director of DuPont Incyte Pharmaceuticals Company.

Doctor Liu is incessantly working on the clinical and preclinical studies for anticancer therapeutics during the past decades of years. He has successfully advanced three anticancer agents, of which TARCEVA has been approved for marketing as second-line treatment for non-small cell lung cancer by FDA; the other two agents (C424-Maytansinoid antibody-drug conjugate for treatment of colon cancer and Virulizin for pancreatic cancer) are presently in the clinical trials in America and Canada. Doctor Liu has given dozens of speeches in the international conferences on Cancer and Hematology. Tens of his medical theses, papers and translations are published in the medical magazines home and abroad, and his three masterpieces on the prevention of cancer are published in China. The achievements, which Doctor Li obtained in the research and development of anticancer pharmaceuticals, has been widely reported by many major international medias, including AP, CNN, NBC, CBS, China News Agency, Peoples Daily, the Ministry of Science and Technology of P.R.C, Tianjin Daily and etc.



Kasumi Dan is Chairman of Phonamic Technology Ltd, 46-2-5, 8 Shenxianshu South Avenue, Chengdu, China. Kasumi Dan graduated from Tokyo Metropolitan University and achieved the Master Degree of Electric Engineering in March 1997. She has given reports on IEICE (The Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers) and IEEE (The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) s signal processing conference.

During the time from 1997 to 2006, she works in NEC Informatec Systems Co., Ltd. Started from software engineer, she has involved in many important projects and worked on various software fields such as network, ITS (Intelligent Transport Systems) and mobile phone middleware development.

In July 2006, Kasumi Dan founded Phonamic Technology Ltd., to provide consulting services on software process especially on quality control and progress management.