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In 2003, 3B Scientific Corporation, formerly named 3B Medical Systems Inc., was founded in USA. With the catalog of more than 100,000 regular products, 3B Scientific Corporation provides fine chemicals, natural products, pharmaceutical intermediates, and APIs for major pharmaceutical and biotech companies worldwide, such as P&G, NOVARTIS, Johnson-Johnson and etc. Based on its strong R&D capabilities and talented human resources, the company has witnessed a fast growth on sales since its foundation. It has established a broad customer base in the pharmaceutical and biotech industry in North America, Japan and European countries and built a close relationship with Chinese and Indian chemical and pharmaceutical manufacturers as well.

In July 2014, 3B Scientific Corporation was taken over by Wuhan YTT, a new company named Wuhan 3B Scientific Corporation, was registered and approved in Wuhan East Lake High-Tech Development Zone. It mainly deals with the R&D of product, distribution, vendor relationship management and product quality control and assurance. And our catalog has been enlarged to more than 500,000 products.

In May 2015, As an important strategic step, we finished our partnership with 3B US.  we focused on R&D and larger quantity production in China, which have greatly expanded 3B¡¯s business range and enlarged her influence in the tremendous Chinese market, providing strong supports for the further development of 3B Scientific Wuhan Corporation.

Firmly complying with the principle of ¡°Best Product, Best Service¡±, 3B Scientific Wuhan Corporation sincerely hope to cooperate with all the customers from home and abroad to achieve the prosperous and mutual benefited development.

3B Scientific Corporation never gets fulfilled for what she has achieved and will never stop the pursuing for a brighter and promising future. Our blueprint is to become a listed corporation and finally to become a well-known ¡°100 Years¡¯ Enterprise¡± and one of the ¡°Best Employers¡±.